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Dandelion Dreams

18 August 1988
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Trying really hard to be more active here!
a, because LJ got quiet and it's been such a good place to us over the years we don't want it to die
b, because we recognise that journalling is really good for us
c, because people here are a really great support network, seriously, I love you guys.

We post mainly about day to day stuff, with bits and bobs we find around the internet

We're plural, which means there are lots of us in the same head. It also means we skip between I and we a lot, sorry about that. we apologise a lot to, over active guilt complex, depression and general mental instability. most active fronters are Jules and Clara, but at the moment we tend to be blendy more than anything else. Our pronouns are they/theirs/them though Clara is ok with she. We are: (Gender)Queer, A student of the world, Quirky and working through a lot of stuff.
we use twitter in sporadic flurries Twitter
we're on Goggle+

Jules has a Fetlife and a Tumblr full of foodie things
Clara has a Tumblrfull of porn, and Glee and cute things and A Fetlife

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 l、 ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
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